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  1. Hi I love how you made the Captain America Shield and Thor’s hammer for your son’s birthday. I was wondering how you made Thor’s Hammer? I’d like to make one for my sons party and can’t figure out how to make it durable and lightweight at the same time.
    Thanks and I hope my son enjoys his party as much as yours enjoyed his.
    🙂 Amy

    1. I made the hammer out of a long wooden dowel so that the kids could swing it a little easier. The “Hammer” part of the Hammer was made out of really dense styrofoam that was cut down and then covered in tin foil.

      The hammer broke about 3 swings in! So we just continued using the dowel.
      It probably would have worked a little better except I duct taped the heck out of the sheild…

      Good luck with your party. My son loved his.

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