Title of Liberty – Hi Res

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There has been some renewed interest in my Captain Moroni with the American Flag (Title of Liberty) recently. I’m not sure why, perhaps our next president, perhaps?

Anywho, a few people have asked if they could purchase it. So to clarify:

As much as I’d much to sell it, I do not own the copyright to the original image, so no it is not for sale.

I am loading the highest res version in this post. (2400×3000 px 300 DPI) You are welcome to print your own, whatever you want…

I did this as a college assignment to display patriotism and sadly, I do not even have the original PSD file anymore…

I appreciate the interest in my work!


Alma 46:12-13. Those of you who are LDS should appreciate this one even more.

Before/After Series – Iron Man Argonath

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I always thought that the way Iron Man does his “Talk to the hand” stance looked hauntingly familiar
For your consideration…

Mash-up of the Argonath from Lord of the Rings and Iron Man & War Machine.
Before (2 images)
(Its even big enough for wallpaper…You’re welcome)
Various blending modes
Pattern/texture overlays
Cloning/rebuilding background