City Creek Ad (spoof)

Anyone who has been in Downtown SLC in the past month has seen the ridiculous ads everywhere for City Creek.  They feature a model who in no way looks like they would be shopping in a mall in Utah.

Here’s one the billboards:

They are so over the top that there has been a hilaroius viral campaign going around spoofing these ads using images from Zoolander, to poke fun that only, “Really, really, ridicously good looking people” can shop there.

Here is one of those: 
(This is not mine, I just find it hilarious…and the Photoshop needs a little work)
So with all the hype.  I decided to take it to a whole new level and create my own spoof of City Creek; it features White Goodman from Dodgeball:

The refence is a bit more obscure; but, hey, that’s me.  I’m all about the obscure humor.

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